Selling Instruction

Selling Instruction

Real People, Real Difference, Real Results

We believe a key factor in achieving the highest price for your property is our ability to listen. It’s a core Domain Harbourside, shared by every employee. We listen to you. We listen to buyers. We achieve spectacular outcomes.

How we work in partnership with you

Almost every day, all of us confront new opportunities, new challenges. The world seems to be getting more complex. The harder we strive, the faster we have to run.

People are switching jobs and careers more often than ever before.

Families reinvent themselves to create new and different types of households. Investors search for more efficient strategies to create wealth. Technology creates fresh ways to communicate.

And as our values change, many of us are swapping urban life for regional alternatives, or moving closer to the city, or further away. Some of us crave simplicity. Others simply dive headfirst into all the complexities and benefits modern life has to offer. Change can bring celebration, success, growth – or bereavement and a sense of loss. It’s inevitable and enduring and can fell like a scramble for a period of reinvention.

 We know selling your home or investment can be easy or complex, stressful or trouble-free.

So we bring strategy and common sense to the task. We bring experience and we tap into relationships with active and past buyers. We use every negotiating skill we have to work on your behalf.

We have good ideas and we work hard and we’re a solid team.

But we’ll tell it like it is because we sell every home as if it’s our own.

The creative practice of selling well

Your home can be a place for family or solitude, celebration or sanctuary. And invariably, where you live represents a significant financial asset.

So selling real estate – facilitating your move from one home to another – is an extraordinary privilege. To do it well requires a little science, a bit more savvy and often some sweat.

Our agents are fully qualified professionals and are results driven. Our award winning and long established ream of real estate professionals are dedicated to achieving the ultimate result for both you and your property.

We begin with a sound strategy. Domain Harbourside has proven systems that bring about excellent results. We believe in the auction system. We know well-run auctions with motivated buyers can lead to great results.

We offer both in-room and on-site auctions. Our Corporate auctioneers are well regarded in the industry with experience in the presentation and auctioning of residential, retail, industrial, commercial and investment properties.

We also sell extensively by private treaty. We look after buyers well.

Our marketing channels – advertising in the local press, the Internet, letterbox drops, public relations and are all powerful selling media.

Second, we’re nimble. We know when to push with buyers and when to back off and give people space.

We believe in transparency, with open and honest communication to all parties.

And lastly, we’re relentless. We work hard. Many of our existing clients are former clients. We know the best type of business is repeat business.